AR Solution for Jewelry Retailers

Bespoke Designs and Experiences

Your Website Isn’t Enough Today

Offering your clients the technology to change stones, size, metal type with a few clicks and then try on their creation virtually elevates your sales to a new level. Every sale can be custom. And, isn’t that where the margins are anyway?

Lead With AR

Serious buyers don’t want VTO, they want to design their own pieces. Give them that ability with Trueview AR. You can add it to your website and use tablets in your store to guide your customers through designing a special, unique piece for every occasion.

Go Beyond Ecommerce

Online sales are static and require the perfect piece to be available to make a sale. Evolve from the highly competitive jewelry ecommerce world to online design.

Attract Younger Buyers That Browse & Design Online

Bespoke is what younger buyers want. They don’t want the same ring or necklace that their friend has. Given the technology, they will browse and design online and purchase custom jewelry in your store vs a static online inventory.

Engaging Customer Experience

Instead of letting customers wander in and out of your store, engage them in the design process with AR. Show them something they’ve never seen before - a virtual store within your store. Lifelike 3D try on and easy to customize designs.

Test New Designs Without Inventory

Wouldn’t you love to have an unlimited inventory of designs available to your customers? With Trueview AR you can! Help your customer narrow down their style and point them towards a piece they can continue customizing.

Digitize Your Inventory

Save space and preserve your bottom line with reduced shipping and fewer aged SKUs.

Smart Data Gathering To Increase Your Bottom Line

Features designed by industry experts to deliver the info you need with no irrelevant noise. Gather valuable trend forecasting. Translate shopper behavior into actionable assortment planning.

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If you are just embarking into the future of AR jewelry, we are delighted to explore options with you.

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