Virtual Inventory
for Jewelry Manufacturers

Selling Your Collections to Retailers Is Exhausting!

You need to attend conferences, schedule in person meetings, Zoom meetings, create multiple prototypes and ship those worldwide with no guarantee they will sell! Cover more territory with AR and virtual inventory.

Virtual Inventory
Is The Future

  • Your latest collection can be distributed immediately to jewelers worldwide
  • Test your designs without production without a big capital investment
  • Reach jewelers you never could online
  • Focus on the point of sale instead of the internet

Worldwide Distribution... Instantly!

Instead of waiting for conferences and your travel schedule, send new collections virtually to all your jewelers, even the remote locations with exclusive clientele that you can’t visit regularly.

Let Intent Data Drive Your Production

With Trueview AR, every click and customization is data that you will receive helping you focus prototype production on the most popular designs. You can identify regional style preferences that you could only guess at before. You will no longer be limited to sales data. You will have intent data too.

Testing New Designs Has Never Been Easier

Send CAD designs out to all your jewelers using the Trueview AR virtual inventory to test the markets. Save money producing and shipping prototypes that don’t resonate with your jeweler’s customers.

Volume is Your Friend

The more jewelers using Trueview AR, the more potential sales you will make. You have the CAD files for the designs you want to sell. Add them to the virtual inventory and simply alert your jewelers that there’s a “new design" waiting for them.

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If you are just embarking into the future of AR jewelry, we are delighted to explore options with you.

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