Virtual Inventory
for Jewelry Designers

Get Your Designs In Front of Buyers Faster

The jewelry you design may be amazing, but unless buyers see it they cannot buy it. Marketing and distribution favor large manufacturers. With AR And virtual inventory from Trueview AR, your designs can be seen by more customers faster.

Virtual Inventory
Is The Future

  • Your latest collection can be distributed immediately to jewelers worldwide
  • Test your designs without production without a big capital investment
  • Reach jewelers you never could online
  • Focus on the point of sale instead of the internet

Worldwide Distribution... Instantly!

You can’t be everywhere...or can you? Trueview AR has a massive worldwide network of jewelers using their platform. Just upload your CAD files and soon, your designs will be available to everyone.

Testing Without Production and Cost

You will never need to guess what your customers want. They will show you as they customize your design. The Trueview AR virtual inventory provides you data on which designs are most desirable. You will know what regions respond to certain designs allowing you to target audiences with certain styles.

Get New Jewelers Selling Your Designs

You could have your designs selling in stores you have never been to! Through the Trueview AR virtual inventory, more stores can offer your designs to their customers than you can possibly reach by yourself.

Sell Where Buyers Are Buying

The internet is a great place to promote your designs to the world. But the process and cost of photography, uploading, and advertising online takes you away from your key role - a designer! Selling via virtual inventory gets your designs directly in front of buyers.

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If you are just embarking into the future of AR jewelry, we are delighted to explore options with you.

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