Virtual CAD Jewelry Inventories Change the Game for the Better

August 25, 2021

Implementing new technology to aid your jewelry sales and designs is key to staying ahead of your competition. More and more buyers are shopping for jewelry online. This means in order to complete sales and increase revenue, your online touchpoints need to be accessible and user-friendly. A virtual CAD jewelry inventory is a tool that can assist in converting leads into sales. Its uses truly enable you to easily scale your business and adapt.

For retailers, CAD inventories increase your business’s access to pieces created by designers both near and far. Then, for designers and manufacturers, a CAD inventory vastly expands the number of retailers able to access your designs. No matter how your company fits into the industry, a virtual inventory is a surefire way to reach new customers and make more sales.

What is a CAD Jewelry Inventory?

A CAD virtual jewelry inventory is a type of virtual inventory that enables access to a wide range of designs and pieces on a global scale.

CAD virtual inventories are useful for just about everyone in the jewelry industry, from independent designers to manufacturers to retailers both small and large. Essentially, a virtual CAD jewelry inventory creates a universal, streamlined place for designers to upload their CAD files. Then retailers can offer these designs to clients before putting them into production by manufacturers. 

How Virtual CAD Jewelry Inventories Work

First, a jewelry designer creates a beautiful new design for a piece of jewelry. Maybe it’s an engagement ring, or perhaps a stunning necklace or pair of earrings. No matter the product, the designer can upload the finished CAD file to the TrueView AR virtual CAD inventory. Instantly, the design becomes available to jewelry manufacturers and retailers from across the globe. They can easily offer the product and all the available options included for customization to their customers. This works both online and in their retail stores through sales associate recommendations and kiosks. This offers a seamless experience between designer, manufacturer, retailer, and customer.

Computer-Aided Design Leads to a Different Kind of Online Inventory

Traditional online inventories are nothing to be frowned upon. They help your business organize current in-stock products, perhaps between multiple locations or warehouses. Online inventories are essential to serving your clients well and creating a positive customer experience. But virtual inventories, and CAD inventories, in particular, take your online inventory to the next level. They harness the potential of new tech to broaden what you can offer to your customers. All while reducing without the risk of purchasing new inventory that may or may not sell successfully.

Unlike traditional online inventory systems, a CAD virtual inventory doesn’t require your business to have any of the products you offer through this inventory physically in stock in your retail stores or storage. Instead, you can offer items made-to-order, reducing risks and overhead costs. CAD models created by jewelry designers are used to give your customers a sense of what the finished products will look like once complete. CAD software and CAD inventories are versatile and provide unique benefits to retailers, designers, manufacturers, and customers alike. 

A CAD Jewelry Inventory Blows Retailer Sales Capabilities Wide Open

Besides reducing overhead costs and the risks involved with traditional inventories, a virtual inventory fundamentally changes how selling and sales strategies work for retail businesses.

For example, sales work differently with a CAD virtual inventory because it enables you to offer custom, one-of-a-kind pieces just as easily as standard designs. It’s easy to offer bespoke designs to customers because there’s no need to put anything into production before a customer makes a purchase. And this is an important benefit because custom jewelry is quickly gaining in popularity, especially with younger customers. Offering the ability to create unique products is essential to stay at the forefront of a changing industry.

Benefits of a CAD Jewelry Inventory Sets a New Bar for a Jewelry Designer’s Sales

Jewelry designers work hard to create unique, detailed designs. But before CAD inventories, it was often difficult for these beautiful creations to reach retailers. CAD inventories streamline the process and create a straightforward path from designer to retailer to the manufacturer. This valuable technology changes the process of selling jewelry designs for the better.

CAD inventories give you the ability to create a mock-up of a custom piece right in front of your customer’s eyes. Thanks to CAD technology, as the client requests changes to the design, they can be made in real-time. This takes away the delay and mistranslation involved in retailers requesting revisions to the design from the manufacturer or designer.

Manufacturers Gain so Much Sales Power from CAD Jewelry Inventories

Adopting CAD inventories also changes the sales process for manufacturers. Implementing a CAD inventory makes it easy to take and fill orders in a timely, efficient manner. Since they’re integrated into TrueviewAR’s virtual inventory system, CAD files are readily available to manufacturers. This changes how manufacturers and retailers interact. Instead of a retailer purchasing stock of a design before it sells, they place the order with a manufacturer when it’s purchased. The shift in the method of production means manufacturers can easily fill orders. The exact CAD files they need, with customizations included, are accessed directly through the virtual jewelry inventory. Manufacturers no longer have to manually input customized features of bespoke designs into the CAD software.

CAD Jewelry Inventories Change the Way Customers Experience Shopping Online and In-person

No matter if a customer is shopping online or in your physical retail store, a virtual CAD inventory has countless benefits. CAD tech integrates seamlessly with augmented reality and virtual reality technology. This allows you to give your customers a true vision of their purchase through high-definition interactive mock-ups and virtual try-on. Since creating a fantastic customer experience is so essential in today’s competitive environment, new software such as CAD inventories help you stand out. 

Additionally, CAD inventory technology doesn’t only help eCommerce. Rather, your retail locations can also implement its use as part of your in-person sales processes. Sales associates can help customers find and create one-of-a-kind pieces at touchpoints or kiosks. This helps you make more sales by expanding your offerings from just those you have on hand in-store.

A Disruptor of the Jewelry Industry

Virtual CAD jewelry inventories aren’t just a savvy sales tool. They change the jewelry industry on a fundamental level. Adopting CAD inventory technology is yet another way that your business can stay competitive in a quickly changing market.

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