Enhance Your Brand with Virtual Try-on Technology

September 15, 2021

Crafting a strong brand identity is essential in today’s jewelry sales environment. Having a recognizable brand helps your business breakthrough your competitors and emphasizes what makes your company unique. When thinking of the tools to use to curate your brand identity, you might think of logos and slogans first. Of course, these are essential brand elements of any business that hopes to be successful. However, in today’s digitally-driven sales environment, it’s not enough to just have a polished, streamlined design. For an effective brand strategy, you also need to consider what technology to implement. You need to ask yourself what will help your brand stand out and create a great experience for your customers. Virtual try-on technology is a great tool for enhancing your brand identity.

Virtual try-on can be incorporated into how your jewelry business brand demonstrates and communicates your values. Leveraging unique tools and features like virtual try-on helps to differentiate your business from others and stay at the forefront of the industry.

What Virtual Try-on Technology can do for Your Brand Identity

Implementing virtual try-on technology may not be the first feature to come to enhance your brand identity. But the reality is virtual try-on tech checks all of the boxes when it comes to the principles of creating a strong brand. Virtual try-on helps you create a strong identity by actively demonstrating value to your customers. It shows an investment in customer experience and proves your ability to meet your customers where they are. In other words, virtual try-on tells a story your customers need to associate with your business.

Additionally, implementing this new technology is essential in differentiating your business from competitors. Part of developing a strong brand identity is ensuring your business isn’t simply lumped in with the rest. Customer experience has become the number one differentiator for consumers, so by investing in customer experience technology, you’re investing in your brand identity by creating value. Further, the jewelry industry has been slower to convert effectively to online and digital sales platforms. This is in part because of the very roadblocks virtual try-on helps solve. Thus, by implementing an effective virtual try-on, you’ll be walking ahead of competitors while alleviating the challenges you would face without it.

Ultimately, virtual try-on technology helps your business hit all the key components of creating a successful brand in today’s market.

Expand Your Brand Value with Virtual Try-on

Virtual try-on helps your business improve your digital offerings, which in turn can strengthen your brand’s value proposition and identity. With virtual try-on, you’ll be able to make the most of virtual inventories and address the needs of your customers. For example, customers shopping online may be concerned about making a big purchase before physically seeing a piece. Virtual try-on helps you solve this problem by letting customers engage with your products digitally. In turn, it also allows you to offer more products regardless of stock options. Thus, you bring greater value to your customers through both product offerings and truly addressing customer needs. Key features like this help offer an experience customers find more valuable than less interactive experiences with other brands. 

Incorporating virtual try-on into your website is an essential part of differentiating your business in the vast world of eCommerce jewelry retail. Creating a fantastic brand experience is one of the staple components of crafting a recognizable brand. Branding experts know it’s not just your logo and the quality of the products you offer that contribute to your brand value. Instead, your business needs to offer a unique, high-quality shopping experience for customers from start to finish. AR technology, like virtual try-on, is one way you can create this kind of experience for your customers.

Take Virtual Try-on Technology In-store

But the heightened value virtual try-on tech brings to your business doesn’t stop with online retail. In-store customization is another avenue through which this technology can improve customer experience. Which, in turn, extends seamless branding to every avenue of your jewelry business. This is essential to creating a cohesive brand identity. Virtual try-on can be offered in stores, where sales associates can assist potential customers at kiosks or other touchpoints. This is a great option for selling products that are not available in-store, or for selling customized products. 

Connect Virtual Try-on With Social Media Sharing

Finally, social media is the key to getting the word out about your business in today’s day and age. Incorporating virtual try-on into your brand’s social media marketing strategy expands your options for interacting and engaging with customers. For example, you can include social media sharing with your virtual try-on to encourage customers to share their virtual try-on snapshots with your branded content.

Using Virtual Try-on as a Brand Differentiator

Keep in mind, it’s not enough to simply offer virtual try-on technology to customers. Your business needs to promote and market the fact that you offer these features to customers. This will help you stand out and cohesively incorporate this enhanced element of your shopping experience into your brand’s overarching identity. You should promote your virtual try-on options as a staple element demonstrating how you put customers first.

Differentiating your brand means identifying what makes your brand different from others in your industry. Excellent virtual try-on technology will make your brand different. Offering virtual try-on as part of your branding means telling a brand story where your business prioritizes a better experience for customers. Research shows that customer experience is a strong—if not the strongest–defining factor of brand strength and cohesion in the 21st century. Virtual try-on technology helps you deliver the exact types of brand-strengthening experiences you need in order to help your business thrive.

Brand Strategy is More Than Your Logo

Implementing the right technology is as much a player in brand identity strategy as the more obvious elements of branding. With customer experience being such an important element of crafting a strong brand, virtual try-on is a fantastic way to demonstrate your brand value. It helps you demonstrate that you place great value in delivering a fantastic retail experience to your customers.

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